Graphene dispersions


Aksay, I. A. ; Korkut, S. A. ; Kaczmarczyk, J. ; Gurdag, S. ; Korkmaz, D. Graphene dispersions, Forthcoming. US Patent 2016/0115293.




Method of making a composition comprising graphene sheets and at least one solvent, comprising dispersing a mixture of graphene sheets and graphite particles in a solvent, wherein the graphite particles have more than about 50 layers, separating the graphene sheets and the graphite particles to obtain a dispersion of graphene sheets that contains no more than 25% of graphite particles having more than about 50 layers, based on the total number of graphite particles and graphene sheets, and flocculating the dispersion of graphene sheets. The flocculated dispersion can be added to a polymer matrix to make a composite. The composite can be formed into articles.

Issue Date:

April 28, 2016
Last updated on 09/14/2018