L3-silica/polyurethane thermally insulating nanocomposite


Aksay, I. A. ; Wahl, C. M. ; Dabbs, D. M. ; Yilgor, I. L3-silica/polyurethane thermally insulating nanocomposite, 2005.

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The present invention provides thermal insulator composites based upon nanostructured L3-silica microparticles and polyurethane foam chem. that are both easy to process and have superior insulating properties for use in household and com. refrigeration, construction, and shipping applications. The composite material retains many of the attractive processing characteristics of polyurethane foams such as vol. expansion and shape-filling during polymn. and demonstrates a total thermal cond. between 32% and 44% that of com. available polyurethane foams. [on SciFinder(R)]