Manufacture of ultrasmooth ceramics by low-temperature sintering

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The process comprises forming a consolidated ceramic, e.g., green compact of Al2O3 powder, impregnating the greenware with an inorg. polymer, e.g., polyaluminoxane having general formula [-M(R)n-X(R1)p-]m, (M = trivalent or tetravalent inorg. ion; when M = trivalent, n = 1, when M = tetravalent, n = 2; X is O-2, S-2, or N-3; when X = O-2 or S-2, p = 0; when X is N-3, p = 1; R, R1 = alkyl, alkoxy, acyloxy, Ph, or phenoxy group contg. a chain of ≥3 C atoms; and m = 5-1000) and sintering the greenware, preferably at 1000-1400°. The ceramics are useful for the electronics industry. [on SciFinder(R)]