Meso-scale smart materials fabrication technologies of the future


Prudhomme, R. K. ; Aksay, I. A. ; Whitesides, G. M. ; Soc Automot Engineers, I. N. T. Meso-scale smart materials fabrication technologies of the future; Soc Automotive Engineers: Warrendale, 1996; pp. 497-501.

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Cars of the future will require ''smart materials'' that integrate sensors and actuators into a seamless unit. We report on three novel fabrication technologies for these materials: (1) multi-layer tape lamination to make large-scale, integrated piezoelectric materials, (2) stereolithography for the production of complex, three-dimensional ceramic materials by laser photo-curing of ceramic dispersions, and (3) microcontact printing to apply and pattern polymeric or ceramic materials onto two-dimensional surfaces. Each of these processing techniques permits miniaturization of the cell subunits and assembly of these sub-units into large scale active materials.