Mesoporous monolithic ceramics, their manufacture using a lyotropic liquid crystalline L3 phase, and their use

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The ceramics have pore diam. approx. 10-100 nm, and are manufd. by templating with a ceramic precursor a lyotropic liq. cryst. L3 phase consisting of a 3-dimensional, random, nonperiodic network packing of a multiconnection continuous membrane. The ceramics are manufd. by prepg. a template of a lyotropic liq. cryst. L3 phase, coating the template with a ceramic precursor, and converting the coated membrane to a ceramic membrane. More specifically, the lyotropic liq. cryst. L3 phase is prepd. by mixing a surfactant with a cosurfactant and HCl, coating the template with a precursor ceramic material by adding to the L3 phase (MeO)4Si or (EtO)4Si, and converting the coated template by removing any liq. The ceramic material, coated with a light- or radiation-sensitive material may be used as optical sensor, and further as filter, data storage device, energy storage device, with TiO2 as ultracapacitor device, in HPLC, with oxides or salts for ceramics and nonoxide ceramics. [on SciFinder(R)]