Nitrogen-doped graphene and its electrochemical applications


Shao, Y. Y. ; Zhang, S. ; Engelhard, M. H. ; Li, G. S. ; Shao, G. C. ; Wang, Y. ; Liu, J. ; Aksay, I. A. ; Lin, Y. H. Nitrogen-doped graphene and its electrochemical applications. Journal of Materials Chemistry 2010, 20, 7491-7496.

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Nitrogen-doped graphene (N-graphene) is obtained by exposing graphene to nitrogen plasma. N-graphene exhibits much higher electrocatalytic activity toward oxygen reduction and H(2)O(2) reduction than graphene, and much higher durability and selectivity than the widely-used expensive Pt for oxygen reduction. The excellent electrochemical performance of N-graphene is attributed to nitrogen functional groups and the specific properties of graphene. This indicates that N-graphene is promising for applications in electrochemical energy devices (fuel cells, metal-air batteries) and biosensors.