In-situ processing of nanosize polymer/BaTiO3 dielectric films


Luther, E. P. ; Chun, C. M. ; Lee, T. ; Aksay, I. A. In-situ processing of nanosize polymer/BaTiO3 dielectric films. In Advances in Dielectric Ceramic Materials; Nair, K. M. ; Bhalla, A. S., Ed. Amer Ceramic Soc: Westerville, 1998; Vol. 88, pp. 189-194.

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Ceramic Transactions

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Barium titanate can be hydrothermally synthesized by exposing a titanium source to a Ba(OH)(2) solution. In concentrated solutions, time resolved studies indicated that BaTiO3 particles nucleate, grow and agglomerate to form 'raspberry-like' clusters which gradually rearrange to form single crystal BaTiO3 particles. Polymer films containing barium titanate particles can also be produced by a hydrothermal route. Titanium organometallic precursor is dissolved in polymer solutions and spun-cast into films. BaTiO3 is formed in the polymer matrix upon exposure to Ba(OH)(2) solution at temperatures below 100 degrees C. Two modifications to this approach are described which alter the morphology of the BaTiO3 particles utilizing the tendency of the block copolymer matrix to microphase separate. Patterning of the BaTiO3 by redistribution of the precursor in the block copolymer matrix may provide a method of producing 0-3, 1-3 and 2-2 connectivities.