The stability of L-3 sponge phase in acidic solutions


Bhansali, S. H. ; Malik, A. S. ; Jarvis, J. M. ; Akartuna, I. ; Dabbs, D. M. ; Carbeck, J. D. ; Aksay, I. A. The stability of L-3 sponge phase in acidic solutions. Langmuir 2006, 22, 4060-4064.

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In the synthesis of the disordered lyotropic liquid crystalline L-3 sponge phase prepared with the cosurfactants cetylpyridinium chloride and hexanol, aqueous NaCl solution is used as the solvent. When this sponge phase is used as the template for L3 silica-phase processing, we replace NaCl with HCl to facilitate the acid catalysis of tetramethoxysilane in forming a templated silica gel, assuming that changing the solvent from NaCl(aq) to HCl(aq) of equivalent ionic strength does not affect the stability range of the L3 phase. In this work, we confirm that changing the pH of the solvent from neutral to acidic (with HQ has negligible effect on the L3 phase region. Equivalent ionic strength is provided by either NaCl(aq) or HCl(aq) solvent; therefore, a similar phase behavior is observed regardless of which aqueous solvent is used.