Structure evolution in hydrothermally processed ( <100°C) BaTiO3 Films


Slamovich, E. B. ; Aksay, I. A. Structure evolution in hydrothermally processed ( <100°C) BaTiO3 Films. Journal of the American Ceramic Society 1996, 79, 239-247.

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Thin films of cubic BaTiO3 were processed hydrothermally at 40 degrees-80 degrees C by reacting thin layers of titanium organometallic liquid precursors in aqueous solutions of either Ba(OH)(2) or a mixture of NaOH and BaCl2. All films (thickness similar to 1 mu m) were polycrystalline with grain sizes ranging from nano- to micrometer dimensions, BaTiO2 formation was facilitated by increasing [OH-], [Ba2+], and the temperature, The film structure was related to the nucleation and growth behavior of the BaTiO3 particles, Films processed at relatively low [OH-], [Ba2+], and temperatures were coarse grain and opaque, but increasing [OH-], [Ba2+], and temperature caused the grain size to decrease, resulting in transparent films.

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