Publications by Year: 2000

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Large (in excess of 2 cm in diam.), single crystal YBa2Cu3O7-x [123 YBCO] crystals, where x ≤ 0.6, can be grown in a seventeen step process or some variant thereof from finely ground and well mixed 123 YBCO and 211 YBCO powders with a small amt. of Pt by controlling the rate of cooling from within a compact of the powders using a temp. gradient in the radial and axial planes (independently) of ∼1-20°/in. diam. of compact to nucleate the crystal growth. Crystal growth is also promoted as well using a Sm oxide seed crystal, preferably SmBa2Cu3O7-y, where y ≤ 1.6. After nucleation the compact is cooled slowly at a rate from ∼0.1-1°/h to promote the single crystal development. [on SciFinder(R)]
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