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CONFERENCE PAPERS (selected recent)

"On Tokenism: Presidents, Parties, and the Challenge of Descriptive Representation"

          American Poltical Science Association, Annual Conference, Virtual (Sep. 2020)

“‘It Takes a Woman’: Gender Politics and the Transformation of the DNC”

American Studies Association, Annual Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii  (Nov. 2019)

National Conference of Ford Fellows, San Juan, Puerto Rico  (Oct. 2019)

“‘What Are We?’: Latino Politics, Identity, and Memory in the 1983 Chicago Mayoral Election”

Julian Samora Research Institute 30th Anniversary Conference, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan  (Oct. 2019)

Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  (Nov. 2018)

“Constructing Legitimacy: The Democratic National Committee, George McGovern, and the Rhetoric of Reform, 1968-1972”

          History of American Democracy Graduate Workshop, The Tobin Project, Cambridge, Massachusetts  (Jun. 2018)