I am a Senior Research Specialist in the Department of Politics at Princeton University. At Princeton, I specialize in quantitative analysis, with an emphasis on quantitative analysis that is linked to causal inference. I have ongoing personal and collaborative research on topics relating to, and at the intersection of, health, migration, and politics. My personal research includes ongoing studies of the long-term, transnational effects of peace agreements on the health, social, and economic outcomes of immigrant populations in the United States. These studies have included analyses of the long-term consequences of political violence in Central America, the peace agreement in Guatemala, and the Duvalier regime in Haiti, on the health status, educational attainment, food security and income of Central American and Caribbean immigrant populations in the United States. My collaborative research includes studies of health insurance in Senegal and health outcomes in China. I have published in outlets including the Annals of Global Health, Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health, Journal of Health Administration Education, and Health Professions Education. I have a PhD in Health Policy and Management from Yale University.