Current research focuses on the quantifying the contribution of individual sources and sinks to atmospheric methane variability by incorporating methane isotopes into the chemical mechanism in GFDL’s ESM4.

My research specialties include gas-phase chemistry and interactions with aerosols, atmospheric chemistry-climate interactions, aerosol-cloud-precipitation-climate interactions, air-sea interactions, data assimilation, and climate change-air quality-human health assessment.

I have strong coding skills in both global and regional Earth system models, atmospheric models and ocean models, including CESM, CAM-Chem, WRF, WRF-Chem, WRF-CAM5, WRF-CMAQ, COAWST, and ROMS, and program languages such as FORTRAN, NCL, C, Matlab, and R. I also have extensive model evaluation experiences using surface observations, aircraft measurements, and satellite retrievals.