Working Papers

"Glass Walls: Experimental Evidence on Access Constraints Faced by Women", with Ali Cheema, Asim I. Khwaja, and M. Farooq Naseer, March 2020.

"Choosing Ungoverned Space: Pakistan's Frontier Crimes Regulation", with Michael Callen, Saad Gulzar, and Arman Rezaee, October 2018.

"Endogenous taxation in ongoing internal conflict:  The case of Columbia", with Rafael Ch, Abbey Steele, and Juan F. Vargas, February 2018.

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"Damaging Democracy? Security Provision and Turnout in Afghan Elections," with Luke Condra, et. al., February 17, 2016.

"Revolutionizing Teaching and Research with a Structured Debate Platform," with Stephen Chaudoin, and Dustin Tingley, August 2017.

"Civilian Abuse and Wartime Informing," with Austin Wright, Luke Condra, and Andrew Shaver, July 17, 2017.

"Building Connections: Political Corruption and Road Construction in India," with Jonathan Lehne, and Oliver Vanden Eynde, July 14, 2017.

"Micro-events and Macro-dynamics: The Staccato Growth of Military Power," with Jonathan Bendor, April 18, 2016.

"The Effect of Civilian Casualties on Wartime Informing: Evidence from the Iraq War," with Andrew Shaver, February 2016.

“Lessons from America’s post-9/11 Wars,” With Christoph Mikulaschek, May 19, 2015.

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"International Law and Voter Preferences: The Case of Foreign Human Fights Violations, " With Tonya Putnam, July 8, 2013.

"Bureaucracy and Control in Terrorist Organizations," August 8, 2008.

"Models of Terrorist Organization," August 1, 2013.