If you have not noticed it yet, the reoccuring theme in my profile is everything that has to do with surveys. Yes, that's right. I am a political scientist by background converted survey methodologist by choice. At some point I decided that, hey, we have all these interesting substantive research questions, but why am I not able to address them with the data that are out there? And why do those questions I have been using for the past few years give me these odd results? And, hang on, why do I get suspiciously odd results in different countries even though they have asked the same question? Oh and wait, wait, why is the very tiny population I am interested in not represented in the survey? Hmm, this is strange. Is there a way I can contribute to providing answers to these questions and improve some of these issues? Yes, there is. So asking a lot of people a lot of questions has become one of my core research interests over the past decade. Today, I dedicate most of my time to research how we can improve survey data collections. In fact, these days I am more interested in how to improve surveys than in more traditional pol sci questions and that's perfectly ok!

Here are some current projects that I am involved in:

Thomas, Kathrin, and Michael Robbins. "The Total Survey Error paradigm and challenges to its application in the Arab World". Working Paper.

Sonila Dardha, Jessica Daikeler, Kathrin Thomas, Bernd Weiss. "Meta Analysis of Gender-of-Interviewer Effects". Working Paper.

Johann, David, Sabrina Mayer, and Kathrin Thomas. "Sometime I get it right, sometimes I am wrong. I am just doing my civic duty". Working Paper.

Jerke, Julia, David Johann, Heiko Rauhut, and Kathrin Thomas "
Cognitively Too Challenging for Survey Respondents? Applying Randomized Response Techniques to Estimate the Extent of Academic Misconduct". Working Paper.

Schnell, Rainer, Kathrin Thomas, and Marcel Noack. "Education and income effect in non-randomised responde estimates of undeclared employment". Working Paper.

Johann, David, Markus Steinbrecher, and Kathrin Thomas. "Channels of participation: The impact of personality on the affiliation with political participant types in Austria". Working Paper.

Schnell, Rainer, and Kathrin Thomas. "The Impact of formal question characteristics and fieldwork procedures on design effects".
Working Paper.

Schnell, Rainer, and Kathrin Thomas. "Predicting non-response with auxiliary area and household data".
Working Paper.

Oh yeah and last but not least, I have just signed a contract for a wonderful book on "Research Methods in Politics" (who would have thought) with my co-author Dr Theofanis Exadaktylos at the University of Surrey. If only the book was written yet, aye? Or as Fanis says: "Who is crazy enough to write a book on research methods?"