American Constitutionalism, Volume I: Structures of Government


Gillman, Howard, Mark A Graber, and Keith E Whittington. American Constitutionalism, Volume I: Structures of Government. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012. Web.
American Constitutionalism, Volume I: Structures of Government


An innovative new casebook for the teaching of constitutional law in political science, history and law. American Constitutionalism provides generous excerpts from landmark and recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, while placing those materials in political and legal context and providing students with the analytical tools for examining those decisions. The casebook is distinctive in providing extensive materials from sources beyond the U.S. Supreme Court that are also essential to understanding the American constitutional tradition and in situating materials within a broader historical and political environment. Volume Two focuses on the limits of government power, including the philosophical and legal foundations of rights and liberties, individual rights of property and person, democratic rights of citizenship, speech and participation, the constitutional guarantees of equal treatment, and constitutional criminal due process.


Awards: Winner of the Teaching and Mentoring Award for Innovative materials in Law and Courts
Praise: "American Constitutionalism marks a new age in the teaching of constitutional law." -- Julie Novkov, University of Albany
Praise: "A landmark contribution to the teaching and study of American constitutionalism." -- Rogers M. Smith, University of Pennsylvania
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