Development of visual attetion

Imagine you are looking for your daughter in a crowded town. You are bombarded with so much information (e.g., people, signs, stores), but you can easily recognize your daughter from the complex, visually rich scene. This is because attention – our ability to “focus” – can select which information to process at the moment. Our lab has been studying the brain mechanisms underlying such behavior.

We now have an exciting line of research on how attention develops in young children. As children start school, attention significantly develops. Children become better at focusing on a task or handling multiple tasks. They become better at inhibiting instantaneous responses. How does the brain change when children improve their attention skills? We are inviting pre-school and school-aged children (age 6-12) to study this kind of questions. 

Secret: Shout out to Pokemon fans! What is your favorite Pokemon? The study involves looking for your favorite Pokemon.