Q: How can I sign up to participate?

A: If you are interested in participating in our study, please visit the Participate page. Once we have your information and decide that you (or your child) are eligible to participate, we will contact you and provide you with further information.

Q: Where does the study happen?

A: Once we schedule your visits, we will invite you to our laboratory in Princeton Neuroscience Institute. You can find the directions here.

Q: Can siblings participate?

A: Of course! Anyone who meets the criteria for our study can participate. Sometimes it makes children feel comfortable if they have siblings around and see how they do in the scanner.

Q: What will my child gain from participating?

A: Our important goal is to make this study experience interesting and rewarding for your child! After your child completes our MRI session, we will send you pictures of your child’s brain. We also have small presents for our participants. You and your child are welcome to ask any questions during your visit about the brain and about our projects.

Q: How can I hear about the findings after participation?

A: We plan to send out our newsletter when we have interesting findings to share. You can also visit our website and check the Projects page. 

Q: We want to come back!

A: Great! We would love to invite you and your child again. Please let us know that you are interested in coming back, and we will contact you again when we have new experiments.