"The Developing Brain": Our project on a radio show!

May 8, 2017

Sabine Kastner will talk about our project on a radio show These Vibes are Too Cosmic tomorrow (May 9, 2017) at 6-8 pm, 103.3FM or WPRB.com. 

Below is from the announcement:

Tomorrow, we have special guest Sabine Kastner of the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. Sabine helped us understand memory and learning in our live performance back in February, but she visits tomorrow to focus on her newest project: how can we better understand the development of young brains? Sabine brings children into the research lab for MRI scans and psychological tests, searching for the differences between normally functioning brains and those with developmental disorders. How can neuroscientists apply these results to our educational system, which often struggles to build effective special education programs? Further, Sabine will talk about her ground-breaking work including children in the scientific process with Frontiers for Young Minds.
Update (May 10, 2017): The show is available online (CLICK HERE)