Curriculum Vitae

Kris Ramsay is a professor in the Department of Politics. He specializes in strategic analysis and its applications to violent conflict, war, and political economy.

Kris is the Director of Graduate Studies, Director of the Graduate Program in Political Economy, Director of the Emerging Scholars in Political Science Program, and an executive committee member of the Program for Quantitative and Analytical Political Science (Q-APS) at Princeton University.

Current Students

Brendan Cooley

Daniel Gibbs

Kathy Ingram

Korhan Kocak

Svetlana Kosterina

Rachael McLellan

In Young Park

Noam Reich

Bryan Schonfeld

Former Students

Scott Abramson (University of Rochester)

Avidit Acharya (Stanford University)

Omar Bashir (Financial Integrity Network)

Ryan Brutger (University of Pennsylvania)

Peter Buisseret (University of Chicago)

Jidong Chen (Tsinghua University)

Rex Douglas (Director of the Machine-learning for Social Science Lab (MSSL),  Center for Peace and Security Studies, UCSD)

Sharan Grewal (William and Mary)

Richard Jordan (Baylor University)

Amanda Kennard (NYU)

In Song Kim (MIT)

Nikitas Konstantinidis (Cambridge University)

Saurabh Pant (Institute for Advanced Study, Toulouse)

Thomas Scherer (USIP)

Yuki Shuraito (University of Michigan)

Dustin Tingley (Harvard University)

Bella Wang (General Assembly)

Austin Wright (University of Chicago)