About Kevin (陳曦):


Kevin Sean Chen is a PhD student in the Neuroscience program in Princeton University, starting first-year rotation with Michael Berry to study neural computation and coding in microcircuits. He is interested in systems/computational neuroscience and biophysics, currently focusing on predictive coding in mouse V1 and trying out spiking network models to implement phenomenon observed in experiments.

Kevin received BS and MS from Department of Life ScienceNational Taiwan University. He joined Laboratory of Computing Biological Networks in Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica in 2013, starting experiments on retina in biophysicsal and computational approaches with C.K.Chan and Chun-Chung Chen. During MS. studies, Chen-Tung Yen in National Taiwan Univerisity was also a co-advisor.



  • PhD. Neuroscience (QCN), Princeton University                                          2017-current
  • MS. National Taiwan University                                                                  2015-2017
  • BS. Life Science (Neuroscience certificate), National Taiwan University       2011-2015