I work with a group of interdisciplinary scholars at Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy helping build the intellectual infrastructure for a healthy relationship between digital technology and society.

At CITP, I run our tech policy clinic that trains the next-generation of public-spirited technologists. My research focuses on how we can use technology ethically to promote accountability and empower users. 

In particular, I study the following broad questions with the goal of developing pragmatic responses to these difficult challenges:

  • how do we protect consumers from being exploited by online services?
  • how do we promote the responsible use of machine learning?
  • how should we design products and services that treat individuals with dignity?
  • how do we ensure that the power of online gatekeepers are held in check?
  • how do we create online spaces that respect democratic values?

I welcome opportunities to talk to students about their interest in tech policy and potential career options.

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.