Lionel Arteaga (left), and Markus Pahlow (right), during a research cruise part of the SFB 754 Summer School in Kristineberg, Sweden.

My interest in oceanography started during my bachelor studies in Venezuela, where I was first introduced to marine remote sensing. I studied the productivity and extent of the upwelling systems along the northern coast of Venezuela, in the Caribbean Sea, and published my reseach in the "Digital Oceanographic Observatory of Venezuela". In 2009, I moved to Germany to complete my Master in Science and PhD in Oceanography at the University of Kiel. During this time I worked closely with biogeochemical models, understanding the physiological basis of marine productivity models, and combining them with satellite information in order to describe global patterns of phytoplankton growth, and their effects on biogeochemical cycles. Presently, I am a postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University. My current research is focused on biogeochemical cycles in the Southern Ocean. My main goal is to understand the connection between marine ecosystems dynamics and alterations in the climate system. I am particularly interest in finding novel ways to use optical information from remote sensors and autonomus profiling systems, in combination with numerical models, to quantify biologically driven carbon fluxes in the ocean.