POL585: International Political Economy (graduate seminar; Spring 2022)


This graduate seminar explores the domestic and international politics of the global economy. We consider the determinants and effects of various types of cross-border flows, including goods and services (trade), capital (finance, exchange rates), production (foreign direct investment and supply chains) and people (migration and remittances). The seminar aims to provide a theoretical grounding in the subfield: some of our readings each week are some “classics” in international political economy. Other readings represent the “cutting edge” for scholarship, providing a sense of the current state of knowledge and facilitating conversations about opportunities to contribute (theoretically as well as empirically) to our collective scholarly enterprise.


POL506/SPI595: Qualitative Methods (last taught Spring 2021)

This seminar explores the use of qualitative methods in social science research. We consider both the design of research projects and the conduct of research, including the use of elite interviews, interviews with members of the mass public, archival materials and secondary materials. The course also ... 

SPI571C: Topics in Development: Political Risk Analysis (last taught Fall 2021)

Explores the impact of international and national political institutions, as well as political events, on firms’ and investors’ strategies and decisions. We draw on academic research to consider how business leaders assess risk at the firm- and country-level, and to evaluate how governments that want to attract or retain investment seek to ameliorate political risk. We also consider ... 

POL385: International Political Economy (undergraduate; last taught Fall 2021)

This course examines the interactions between international politics and international economics, as well as between domestic political systems and the global economy. We explore the ways in which governments attempt to govern international trade and finance; as well as the ways in which the international economy affects domestic politics. The course considers ... 


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