I will be starting as an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University in January 2021. Please visit the lab website for details. We're hiring!

I am a neuroscientist currently working as a post-doc in the laboratories of David Tank and Carlos Brody at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. I am also part of the BRAIN COGS team, a multi-lab collaboration to understand the brain-wide mechanisms of working memory.

I am broadly interested in understanding the neural mechanisms underlying cognition. I believe that this can only be accomplished by studying both how local circuits perform the relevant computations and how they interact at large scales to produce behavior. Further, I believe this necessarily includes a quantitative understanding of the behavior under study, such that its specific aspects and components can be associated with specific circuit elements and dynamics. My general approach is to combine recording, perturbation and computational techniques to study decision-making behavior, with a particular emphasis on state-of-the-art optical tools. 

My current work investigates how cortical areas interact at large scales to support decision-making relying on the gradual accumulation of sensory evidence, and how the cognitive demands of different tasks modulate cortical dynamics.