As a guiding principle I follow the NBER Research Disclosure Policy: http://www.nber.org/researchdisclosurepolicy.html

Significant Remunerated Activities:

Visiting Positions

  • Lamfalussy Fellowship, Bank of International Settlement, 2017

Speaking engagements and lectures

  • Ukrainian Financial Forum, 2017
  • Trento Economic Festival, 2013
  • Stifterverband der Deutschen Wirtschaft, 2012
  • Ambrosetti – The European House, 2011
  • Center for Investor Education, 2011
  • Wim Duisenberg School of Finance, 2010
  • Handelsbanken, 2010
  • Deutsche Bank, 2010
  • FEBRABAN, Brazil, 2009

Central banks

  • Reserve Bank of India, Central Bank of Chile, South African Reserve Bank, ECB, ESRB, Bank of England, National Bank of Austria, Swiss National Bank, Bank of Japan, Federal Reserve, New York Fed, Bank of Canada, Bank of Korea 

International financial institution

  • IMF

Academic Organizations

  • Swiss Finance Institute, Research Council, 2012-

No expert testimony for law suits or paid consulting work for private cooperation to date.

Research Grants:

  • Sloan Foundation 2011-12
  • Guggenheim Fellowship, 2010-11
  • University of Chicago, T.W. Schultz Prize and Lecture, 2010
  • INQUIRE Europe, Research Grant

Visiting Scholar and Other:

  • Milton Friedman Institute, visiting scholar 2011
  • American Economic Review, Journal of Finance, Associated Editorship

Significant Non-Compensated Activities:

  • American Finance Association: Director
  • Financial Advisory Roundtable and Monetary Policy Panel, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 2006 – present

  • INET Advisory Board Member, 2009 – present