I am a PhD student in the Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at Princeton University in Prof. Gabriel Vecchi's research group. My research interests are in climate change, extreme weather, ocean-atmosphere interactions, and infectious diseases. I enjoy integrating models and observations to study climate on a variety of timescales and developing innovative statistical approaches to climate science. 

I am currently funded by an American Meteorological Society Graduate Fellowship and will be funded by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP) starting in 2021.

Previously, I completed my undergraduate studies in the Harvard University Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, where I worked with Prof. Peter Huybers and Dr. Jake Gebbie on improving ocean heat content estimates using the Argo array. I am an alumna of the Summer Student Fellowship at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (2018) and the Scripps Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) REU program (2017).

I am also passionate about education and mentoring, and have taught in Boston Public Schools through City Year Boston and the Children's School of Science in Woods Hole, MA. In Fall 2020, I completed a certificate in Inclusive Leadership as part of Princeton's inaugural Inclusive Leadership Learning Cohort, where I developed and implemented strategies for creating inclusive environments and combating systemic racism.