I am a PhD student in the Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at Princeton University in Prof. Gabriel Vecchi's research group. My research interests are in climate change, extreme events, ocean-atmosphere interactions, and interactions between climate and infectious diseases. I enjoy integrating models and observations to study climate on seasonal to multi-decadal timescales. 

Current projects:

  • The role of salinity in tropical Pacific variability
  • Extreme El Niño events
  • ENSO prediction and insights from machine learning
  • Interactions between ENSO and airborne/vector-borne disease transmission


  • Ph. D.: Princeton University, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (2020-present)
    • Advisor: Prof. Gabriel Vecchi
    • Committee Members: Prof. Laure Resplandy, Dr. Sonya Legg, Dr. Andrew Wittenberg
  • Bachelor of Arts: Harvard University, Earth and Planetary Sciences (2019)


Teaching & outreach highlights

I frequently mentor students who are applying to graduate school and fellowships, and encourage students to reach out to me, introduce themselves, and ask questions about the application process and personal/research statements.