Electrochemical synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotube/modified polypyrrole hybrids using a cavity microelectrode


A cavity microelectrode (CME) was used to perform an electrochemical synthesis of hybrid materials made of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and conducting polymers. The confinement of the CME is used to produce a uniform nanometric coating of an electronically conducting polymer such as poly(N-methylpyrrole) (Pmpy) on multiwalled carbon nanotubes. The CME also allows easy characterization of the presence of the polymer layer on the surface of the CNTs by cyclic voltammetry. Transmission electron microscopy allowed us to measure the thickness and confirm the homogeneity of the Pmpy coating around the CNTs. Finally
Raman spectroscopy brings additional information on the electrogenerated hybrid materials.

Last updated on 08/14/2014