Graphene-Reinforced Rubber for Energy Efficient Tires


Aronow, R. L. ; Bozlar, M. Graphene-Reinforced Rubber for Energy Efficient Tires. ACS Rubber Division - Spring Technical Meeting, 2017.


Elastomer applications for graphene, a versatile carbon-based nanomaterial, have been explored in several past studies. Use of Vor-x graphene strongly enhances compound stiffness and decreases hysteresis while maintaining or improving properties such as strength, abrasion, and fatigue life. In this study of elastomer reinforcement using functionalized graphene sheet nanomaterial (Vor-x), a control natural rubber + polybutadiene rubber blend tread compound was compared to a similar compound with 2 phr Vor-x replacing 16 phr carbon black. The results show good potential for improvement of performance properties. Comparable levels of stiffness, hardness, and Mooney viscosity were achieved. Tensile strength and elongation at break were maintained. Hysteresis was reduced by 20-30%, indicating reduced rolling resistance. Fatigue-to-failure also improved by 20-30%, and DeMattia crack growth resistance improved by 250%. Transmission electron microscopy studies showed excellent dispersion of Vor-x as well as carbon black.

Last updated on 11/14/2017