Political Economy Workshop

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Political Economy Seminar schedule 2017-18

Spring 2018
[3/26/2018] Marco Battaglini (Cornell Econ), TBA.
[4/2/2018] Nicola Persico (Northwestern Kellogg), TBA.
[4/9/2018] Marina Agranov (Caltech, HSS), TBA.
[4/16/2018] Stephane Wolton (LSE Government), TBA.
[4/23/2018] Garance Genicot (Georgetown Econ), TBA.
[4/30/2018] Didac Queralt (Yale Political Science), TBA.
[5/7/2018] Francesco Trebbi (UBC Econ), TBA.
Fall 2017
[9/18/2017] Saad Gulzar (Stanford Political Science), "Why Do Citizens Become Politicians? Experimental Evidence on Candidacy".
[10/2/2017] James Rauch (UCSD Econ), "History Dependence in Networks of Close Relationships".
[10/9/2017] Mehdi Shadmehr (Calgary Econ), "Capitalists in Revolution".
[10/23/2017] Jacopo Perego (Yale Cowles), "Media Competition and the Source of Disagreement".
Political Economy Seminar schedule 2016-17
[9/26/2016] Faruk Gul (Princeton Econ), "Policy Competition in Real Time".
[10/3/2016] Ernesto Dal Bo (Berkeley Haas), "Who Becomes a Politician?"
[10/10/2016] Filipe Campante (Harvard Kennedy), "Long Range Growth: Economic Development in the Global Network of Air Links".
[10/17/2016] Wioletta Dziuda (Chicago Harris), "Gridlock and Inefficient Policy Instruments".
[10/24/2016] Ying Chen (Johns Hopkins Econ), "Information Acquisition under Persuasive Precedent versus Binding Precedent".
[3/6/2017] Katherine Casey (Stanford GSB), "Debates: Voting and Expenditure Responses to Political Communication".
[3/13/2017] Hellen Milner (Princeton Politics), "When Non-Earned Revenue Look Like Taxes".
[4/3/2017] James Robinson (Chicago Harris), "Social Structure and Conflict".
[4/10/2017] Jenny Guardado (Georgetown), "The Seasonality of Conflict".
[4/17/2017] Andrea Prat (Columbia Econ), "Where Do Voters Get Their News?".
[4/24/2017] Greg Martin (Emory Politics), "Election Coverage and Slant in Television News".
[5/1/2017] Alessandro Lizzeri (NYU Econ), "Rules and Commitment in Communication: An Experimental Analysis".
[5/8/2017] Renee Bowen (Stanford GSB), "Collective Choice in Dynamic Public Good Provision".
Political Economy Seminar schedule 2015-16
[9/21/2015] Mehdi Shadmehr (Visiting Scholar QAPS, Princeton University), "Repression and the Spread of Protest".
[9/28/2015] Marina Azzimonti (Department of Economics, Stony Brook University), "Partisan Conflict and Private Investment".
[10/5/2015] Gabriel Lopez Moctezuma (Department of Politics, Princeton University), "Sequential Deliberation in Collective Decision-Making."
[10/12/2015] Brett Gordon (Kellogg, Northwestern University), "Advertising Competition in Presidential Elections".
[10/19/2015] Odilon Camara (Marshall School of Business, USC), "Political Disagreement and Information in Elections", with Ricardo Alonso.
[10/26/2015] Claudio Ferraz (Department of Economics, PUC-Rio), "Do Government Audits Reduce Corruption?", with Eric Avis and Fred Finan.
[11/9/2015] Pablo Querubin (Department of Politics, NYU), "Politician Family Networks and Electoral Outcomes", with Cesi Cruz and Julien Labonne.
[3/7/2016] Sandeep Baliga (Kellogg, Northwestern University), "The Strategy of Conflict and the Technology of War".
[4/4/2016] Pauline Grosjean (School of Economics, University of New South Wales), "Render Unto Ceasar: Welfare, Charity, and Political Islam".
[4/18/2016] Eric Weese (Department of Economics, Yale University),"Inefficiency and Self Determination: Simulation-based evidence from Meiji Japan." 
[4/25/2016] Stelios Michalopoulos (Department of Economics, Brown University), Title TBA.

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