The Environmental Nexus [Princeton University]






This sophomore multidisciplinary environmental studies course examines a collection of global crises and addresses multiple dimensions of those issues, including scientific, political, social and ethical aspects. Almost all of my students are non-philosophers, so this means teaching social and natural scientists. I am one of four lecturers: Stephen Pacala lectures on climate science; Marc Fleurbaey lectures on social analysis; Rob Nixon lectures on environmental humanities; I lecture on ethical and moral thought. We each give a quarter of the shared lectures. I also lead two discussion groups (roughly twelve students each) for my track. This involved developing my own syllabus (ENV 200C) for the discussion groups as well as contributing to the main syllabus (ENV 200) for the shared lectures. Both syllabi are uploaded here.

You can see one of my lectures from this course by following this link: [opens in a new tab].

You can find out more about this course by following this link to a news article [opens in a new tab].

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