Draining the Swamp, Together


Mintz-Woo, K. (In Preparation). Draining the Swamp, Together.


Veritism, the thesis that true belief is the sole epistemic value, has been challenged in the context of process reliabilism. This challenge, sometimes called “the swamping problem”, holds that process reliabilism cannot explain the value of knowledge over true belief, at least not under veritist assumptions. To address the swamping problem, Olsson extended veritist evaluations over different times. I argue that this extension pulls process reliabilism too close to internalism. The solution offered here is to extend veritist evaluations still further, over different agents. By considering the true beliefs that are expected to accrue to different agents, we can avoid the appeal to any given agent's internal higher order capacities. This solution addresses the externalist's worry, while also making the response more parsimonious and avoiding several other objections which have been made to Olsson's solution. I argue that my extension can also be motivated as a more thorough-going externalist response and conclude by drawing out some interesting implications of the extension. [Draft version uploaded here]

Last updated on 09/30/2019