Lab Manager: We are looking for a Lab Manager. This will be a position split between research (50%) and lab management duties (50%). An ideal candidate would have experience as a lab manager, but we are open to hiring someone more junior for this position. Click here for more information.

Research Specialist: We are looking for a Research Specialist to help us develop and test new CRISPR-based technologies. Interested candidates should reach out to Dr. Myhrvold by email (and cc Laisa Eimont) to indicate why they are specifically interested in working in the lab, and attach a CV.

Postdoc: We are hiring a postdoc to help develop new Cas13-based technologies for nucleic acid detection; click here for more information.

Professional Specialist: We are hiring a Professional Specialist (staff scientist) to help us develop the next generation of multiplexed CRISPR-based methods for nucleic acid detection; click here for more information.