Stage 3 and what we see.


Paul Caplovitz, G., Arcaro, M. J., & Kastner, S. (2010). Stage 3 and what we see. Cogn Neurosci , 1 220-2.

Date Published:

2010 Sep




Abstract In his article, Lamme provides a neurotheoretical argument that recurrent processing (RP) produces the phenomenological sensations that form the contents of our conscious experiences. Importantly, he argues that this processing includes local intra-areal (i.e., horizontal connections) as well as local inter-areal feedback (i.e., from higher level sensory areas to lower level ones) interactions that occur within the sensory cortices. This has direct implications for what the contents of these experiences may be and the role that neuroscience can play in identifying them.



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Cogn Neurosci
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