The Educational Gradient in Physiological Dysregulation: A Cross-Country Investigation


Glei DA, Goldman N, Weinstein M. The Educational Gradient in Physiological Dysregulation: A Cross-Country Investigation. In: Oxford Handbook of Integrative Health Science. Oxford University Press ; 2018.


The chapter first reviews extant literature on educational gradients in physiological dysregulation. Prior studies suggested there is an inverse relationship between education and risk, although the association may be weaker at the oldest ages and stronger among whites than blacks; the educational gradient may differ by country; and sex differences in the educational gradient may depend on the context. The chapter then presents new comparative analyses of the relationship between physiological dysregulation and education based on data from five countries (United States, England, Russia, Costa Rica, and Taiwan). Large educational differences were found in dysregulation in Russia, US white men, US black women, and English white women. The finding that the educational differential among US women is larger for blacks than for whites appears to be sensitive to how one defines “high” education. Using race-specific cutoffs, the education gradient did not differ significantly between black and white women.

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