Plasma Notes

I've typed up notes from two of my courses in plasma physics at Princeton. I've also created a website with generals solutions. Hopefully these will be useful for students interested in learning plasma physics or studying for their general exams.

1. General Plasma Physics I Notes (AST551): These are essentially finished. 

2. Classical, Neoclassical, and Anamolous Transport Notes (AST568): These notes still require heavy revision. I've included my most recent draft. 

3. Ambipolar diffusion coefficient: This is a simple, one-page calculation of the ambipolar diffusion coefficient. 

4. Representing 1D and 2D functions with a Fourier series. Here I write the Fourier series using purely real coefficients and sines and cosines rather than using the exponential function and complex numbers. I couldn't find these formulas online after a short google search, so I decided to write them up myself. 


General_Plasma_Physics_Notes.pdf2.94 MB
Classical_Neoclassical_And_Anamolous_Transport_Notes.pdf1.36 MB
basic_ambipolar_diffusion.pdf82 KB
discrete_real_fourier_transforms_1d_and_2d.pdf113 KB