Adding Content to a Site if You're Not the Site Owner

As a way to ensure that quality, accuracy, and content remain intact on OpenScholar sites, we keep users (site editors) in the system after they leave the University, so that any content they added to a site will remain in the site and be attributed to them. This is will be our process until we have a solution that is less onerous than what we suggest below (changing authorship of content).

To be clear, this does not mean that a user will continue to have editing access once their NetID has been retired by the University.  Additionally, when site owners leaves the University, their sites are deleted.

If you're interested in changing content added by site editors to the site owner, you can follow the instructions below.

The easiest way to check and change the authorship of content is to do the following:

  1. Go to the Admin Bar and click on Content > Find > Posts
  2. Next to each item, if the author is not the site owner, click on edit to the right of the item
  3. On the right hand side, click on Post Created/Edited By
  4. In the textbox, replace your NetID with the NetID of the site owner
  5. Click the Save button.

If any site owners are adding new users to the system, we encourage them to have the new user reach out to us for basic OpenScholar training. If a site owner needs to change who’s the site owner, that can be done by going to the Admin bar > People.