Adding an iframe to an Openscholar Site

You can embed an iframe into your OpenScholar site (like a Google Map, or a YourTube video). To do that, please follow these steps:

  1. Create the new content (Blog post, Page, etc)
  2. Click on the Body textbox to activate the WYSIWYG editor
  3. Click on the Media button. (to the right of the block quote button)
  4. In the upload window, click on the middle tab at the top labeled Embed from the Web
  5. Paste the iframe code into the box.
  6. Click Submit.

**Please note, depending where the iframe was generated from (Twiiter, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.) the link may or may not work. We have only approved to allow iframe, embeds from certain providers. They are listed at the bottom of the file upload window (the window you use to enter the iframe code).