Adding a Twitter Feed


You can easily add your Twitter account to your OpenScholar site through the Twitter widget. Follow these steps to add it to your site:

1. Go to Appearance > Layout in your Admin Bar

2. Click on the Add New Widget tab and choose Twitter (under Social).

3. Give the widget a description ("My Twitter Feed"). You can also give it a title so people visiting can see it.

4. In the Display Tweets from dropdown, choose what type of tweets you want to display (if it's your personal account, just type the username without the @ sign.)

5. Choose the number of tweets displayed (5 is the default). You can also include a follow me link (which you would type

6. Click the Save button and drag and drop this to your sidebar on site. Click save to save the Layout.

*If you haven't tweeting anything in a while, you might have to post a tweet to get the widget to display the tweets.