Embedding a Video

To embed a YouTube or Media Central video, you can create a Media Widget to embed the video url into and then place the widget somewhere on the site, or you can use the “Media browser” button in the toolbar editor to insert a media object into the body field. OpenScholar does allow pasting the raw embed code inside a page's basic HTML (for security reasons). 

To create a Media Widget:

1. Go to Admin Bar > Appearance > Layout
2. Click the Add New Widget Tab
3. Choose Embed Media
4. Fill in Widget Description (for example front page YouTube video)
5. Under File or HTML click the Add button.
6. In the embed window, click on Web and copy and paste the YouTube video's url (https://www.youtube.com/watch?youtubeID) or MediaCentral's oEmbed URL. 
7. Click Save
8. Drag and drop the new media widget into the area of your choice in your layout.
9. Click Save.

To embed a video inside the body field of a page or into an existing widget (for example the Bio widget):

1. Click on the Gear and choose Edit.
2. In the textbox, click on the section you want to embed the video.
3. Click on the "Media browser" icon (looks like a picture of mountains) in your text editor.
4. Click the Embed from the Web tab
5. Paste the YouTube video URL or MediaCentral's oEmbed URL inside the textbox.
6. Click Submit.
7. Click Save

Now the video will be embedded within the text of the widget or page area of the site.