How do I add another Publication page titled "Working Papers" to include all my Working Papers publications?

First you will create a Taxonomy called "tags" (steps are below). Then you will want to add all your working papers to the main Publications page. Then add a tag titled “Working Papers” to your working paper publications. To do this expand Publication details when editing the Publication. Here for your working papers, enter in the tags text box: Working Papers. 

To create a Taxonomy called "tags". To create taxonomy:

  1. In the Admin bar > Taxonomy.
  2. Click the Add vocabulary link at the top.
  3. For Name, type tags.
  4. For Content Types, choose Publication.
  5. For Type, choose Tags style (so you can create tags on the fly and not have to create them ahead of time).
  6. Click Save.


Second, you would want to hide them from the main Publications page so they only appear on the new Working Papers link. To hide the working papers publications from showing up in the main Publications do the following:

•    Go to the Admin Bar > Settings > Apps Settings > Publications
•    Scroll down to Display on Your Publication Page
•    Uncheck Working Papers
•    Click Save

If you click to the Publications page, you will see under Tags “Working Papers”, click that link. You will now only see a listing of your working papers. Copy the URL for this page.

Go back into your Admin Bar and choose  Menus

•    Click on Add a New Link button.
•    In the Menu Title type Working Papers
•    Paste the URL you copied, the default region should be Primary menu
•    Click the Save Settings button.

You will now see Working Papers in your menu and when you click on it, you will only see the Publications that were tagged with “Working Papers”.