I'm Getting Email Spammed via the OpenScholar Contact Page. How Do I Turn It Off?

If you are receiving large amounts of spam in your email box saying the message was from OpenScholar, you can turn off Anonymous Contact in your Settings. This will help reduce spam coming from the Contact form in OpenScholar. To turn this settings off, follow these steps:

  • Log in to OpenScholar and click on the Site Info widget (the widget in the header with your name).
  • Choose Edit Widget.

Screenshot of Edit Widget option in pop-up menu for header bio

  • At the bottom of this window uncheck Enable contact form.
  • Click the Save button to save the changes to your Settings

Screenshot with Enable contact form checkbox highlighted

The Contact link should be removed from the biography widget in your site header, and the URL that previously had the contact form will display an "Access Denied" message to site visitors. Because of caching, your changes may take up to 15 minutes to appear for anonymous visitors.

Also, to remove the spam from your email client, you can set up a filter to filter out the spam. You can follow these steps (in Outlook or the Outlook Web App) to filter these OpenScholar specific spam emails.

  • Log in to email and click on Options (right side if using Web App, if using Outlook Client, click on File tab and choose Options).
  • Choose Create an Inbox rule
  • Click on New. For the drop down that says When my Message arrives, choose "It includes these words in the subject or body...". 
  • Type this phrase into the text box "This message was sent to you from "OpenScholar @ Princeton" on behalf of"
  • Click OK
  • In the Do the Following drop down choose "Delete the message"
  • Click Save.

Now all the OpenScholar Spam will be filtered to your Deleted folder. You can then delete the message permanently in this folder.