What Happens After I Leave Princeton?

We can only provide hosting for current members of the Princeton University community.

Before you leave Princeton, we recommend that you download all of your files from your pages. One option is navigate to Site Content > Browse > Files in the Control Panel to see all your files. Then you can open each file individually and save it to your local machine. You can also browse your live site to retrieve your images and files. Unfortunately, we do not have an export tool to export your entire site and its contents.

There are third-party tools, such as SiteSucker for macOS or iOS, that can crawl an entire site and create a static local copy.

If the owner of an OpenScholar site has left the University, and the owner has not accessed the site for over a year, we reserve the right to remove the contents of the site permanently from the server and deprovision the site address. Once we do this purge, we can not recover the sites's data.

Site owners can request early removal of an OpenScholar site by emailing us at openscholar@princeton.edu.

If your netID has been disabled, and you no longer have access to the OpenScholar admin interface, we can assist you with retrieving your files so that your site can be safely deleted. To request this, email us at openscholar@princeton.edu.