How Can I Add a Link to My CV on my Bio page?

By default, OpenScholar separates the CV and the Bio in the tab design.  If you know HTML, you can write the link code for the file into your Bio post in the HTML editor mode.

To create the link with HTML code to write a link to the file:

1.   Click on the Bio page and click Edit on the Gear icon.

2.   Underneath the textbox, click on HTML View.

3.   Choose where you want to put your CV in your Bio

4.  Find the url of your CV file and copy it...

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What Happens After I Leave Princeton?

Before you leave Princeton, we recommend you download all your files from your pages (easiest way is to go into Content in the Control Panel to see all your files). Currently, we do not have an export tool to export your entire site and its contents.

Once a site has not been accessed for over a year (1 year) by the owner (and they have left the University), we purge the account and the contents of the site permanently from the server. Once we do this purge, we can not recover the data.

If you no longer have access to OpenScholar, and your account and site have not been...

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Editing in HTML

If you are familiar with HTML, you can edit page sections using the HTML View. To turn on the HTML View, click on the Source button in the text box editor. You can also toggle back to the Rich text Editor by click on the Source button.

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Adding Files to Pages

Many people wonder how to add files (a file link) inside a page. The easiest way inside the rich text editor is to:

  • Click on the Add Media icon.

  • You will see a popup box. Click on the browse button to add your new file (you enter the url if it's on the web, or if you already uploaded it on another page of your site, click My Library).

  • Add alternative text and a title to the file (if it needs it)

  • Click the Submit button. 

  • You will now see the link to your file. Click the Save button.


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Editing Items Inside a Page

Without having to go into the Admin Bar, you can edit (or delete) items right inside a page. To do this hover over the section of the page you want to edit. You should see a gear. When you click on the gear, you will be shown a drop down menu with choices to edit. Depending on the item you are editing, they edit drop down menu will be different.

This link will take you into the Admin Bar section where you can make your edits and save them.

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What is OpenScholar?

Open­Scholar is a web­site build­ing and con­tent man­age­ment tool avail­able to fac­ulty and grad­u­ate stu­dents for host­ing pro­fes­sional pro­file sites and lab sites. Open­S­cho­lar sites can con­tain biogra­phies, CVs, course lists, pub­li­ca­tions, galleries, and event list­ings. This service is free of charge.