OpenScholar Policies and Terms of Service

The OpenScholar service follows the terms of service from the University's IT policy guidelines:

Service Summary

This service is intended for the building of current faculty, researcher, or lab websites.

Service Audience

  • Faculty
  • Researchers
  • Labs



Website owners are responsible for the accuracy, quality, and accessibility of their content.


WDS is responsible for the underlying code, hosting, and performance of the platform.


Everyone is responsible for security.


Websites are supported by OIT during University business hours. If you have a question about your website, please contact us then. Email to open a support ticket.

We aim to keep the website systems up and running 24x7. If the system is down (white screens, pages not loading) or performing poorly (pages taking more than 10 seconds to load), Web Development Services will make a good faith effort to restore the system as soon as possible. Please let us know immediately if your website becomes unusable. 

As long as a site in our environment is active and does not violate University policies, we will continue to host that site. However, if a site has been inactive for three (3) years or you leave the University, we reserve the right to remove it from our servers.


We do not provide fourth-level domain names, such as, in our managed hosting environments.

OpenScholar is not meant to be a forwarding service to third party sites. The OpenScholar service is meant for building websites, not redirecting websites.

Specific to the OpenScholar System

Custom Designs

The themes are designed to be used as is. Requests for customization can be made, and if feasible, done at an hourly fee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at