Drop in a seaI will join the department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science at Yale as an Assistant Professor in Fall, 2021 (website). 

I am a postdoctoral researcher working with Prof. Howard Stone. I completed my PhD in Mechanical Engineering at MIT working with Profs. Ruben Juanes and Gareth McKinley on wetting transitions and interfacial instabilities in confined and disordered media. 

I have a range of interests in soft matter physics and interfacial fluid dynamics with applications in energy, environment, water resources and advanced materials. I combine experiments, theoretical modeling, and numerical simulations to advance our fundamental understanding and predictive capabilities of these phenomena across the scales.

I will serve as the co-chair for the 2022 Gordon Research Seminar on Flow and Transport in Permeable Media (website). 

Email: pahlavan[at]princeton.edu