Hello! My name is Paul Baumgardner. I am completing a joint Ph.D. in the Department of Politics and the Humanities Council at Princeton University. I will defend my dissertation in the spring of 2020.

I have teaching and research experience in the areas of American politics and public law. For excellence in teaching, I received the 2018 George Kateb Teaching Award for Best Preceptor within the Department of Politics. My research has appeared in Presidential Studies Quarterly, Law & Social Inquiry, Laws, Journal of Church and State, and Law and History Review. I also co-authored a book about interdisciplinarity and university life, titled Keywords; For Further Consideration and Particularly Relevant to Academic Life (Princeton University Press, 2018). The book has been reviewed and excerpted by The New Yorker, Lapham’s Quarterly, The Paris Review, and Inside Higher Ed. Last year, I held the Harold W. Dodds Honorific Fellowship, a university-wide fellowship that Princeton awards on the basis of "outstanding performance and professional promise."

I have served as the organizer for the Public Law Working Group on campus, as well as a graduate associate of the Program in Law and Public Affairs. I also worked as the University Administrative Fellow for the Service & Civic Engagement Steering Committee of the University, where I helped to expand and evaluate service opportunities for students and faculty.

In addition to my time at Princeton, I have been a doctoral fellow at the American Bar Foundation, a visiting fellow at the Rutgers Law School Institute for Law and Philosophy, and a visiting scholar at the University of Buffalo Law School Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy.