Resources and Tools

cbm, computational and behavioral modeling.  
cbm provides matlab tools for hierarchical Bayesian inference. See cbm manual

VKF implements "Volatile Kalman Filter" based on this paper:
Piray P, Daw ND, 2020, "A simple model for learning in volatile environments", PLoS Computational Biology.

Human striatum map: Connectivity-based parcellation of the human striatum based on resting fMRI, including these 5 clusters in MNI space:
ventral striatum, medial caudate, dorsal caudate, anterior putaman, posterior putaman. See this paper: 
Piray P, den Ouden H, van der Schaaf M, Toni I, Cools R. “Dopaminergic modulation of the functional ventrodorsal architecture of the human striatum”, Cerebral Cortex (2017).