Lab Members

Principal Investigator


Alexander Ploss, Ph.D.
Research Interests:  Liver biology, human infectious diseases, animal engineering, immunology
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Postdoctoral Fellows


Lei Wei, Ph.D.
NJCCR Fellowship
Previous Institution: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Interests: Swimming, reading


Tomokazu Tamura, Ph.D.
Previous Institution: Osaka University 
Interests: Motorcycling, jogging


Yongzhen Liu, Ph.D.
Previous Institution: Peking University
Interests: Ping pong, badminton



Saori Suzuki, Ph.D.
Previous Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Interests: Yoga, reading, making sweets

Graduate Students

Ila Nimgaonkar (M.D., Ph.D. Student)
Previous InstitutionRobert Wood Johnson Medical School, Yale University (B.S. In Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology)
Interests: Indian classical music (vocal), volunteering
Robbie LeDesma
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Princeton Center for Health and Wellness Award
Previous InstitutionColumbia University in the City of New York (B.A. Neuroscience and Behaviour, Concentration in Premedical Sciences) 
InterestsMaking music, comics and hot sauce
Emily Mesev (Co-advised with Jared Toettcher)
Princeton Centennial Award
Previous InstitutionGrinnell College (B.A. in Biological Chemistry and English)
InterestsCrossFit, writing, baking
Keith Keith Berggren
Princeton Francis Boyer Fellowship
Previous Institution: University of Connecticut (B.S. in Biological Sciences, minor in Molecular and Cell Biology)
Interests: Fishing, camping, sailing, jazz
stephanie Stephanie Maya
Previous Institution: University of Florida (B.S./M.S. Microbiology and Cell Science, minor in Bioinformatics)
Interests: Swimming, dancing, soccer, colorguard

Undergraduate Students


Leslie Chan '20

Celeste Celeste Claudio '20

Jacob Shteingart '20

Emma Emma Guare '21
Vrinda Vrinda Madan '21
Megan Megan Erdozain '21

Lab Manager


Brigitte Heller
Previous Institution: Rutgers University (Chemistry and Genetics/Molecular Biology)
InterestsReading, knitting, hiking 


Research Specialist


Andrew Berneshawi
Previous InstitutionEmory University
InterestsCars, songwriting, cooking, fitness, technology

Visiting Students

Faculty Assistant


Mary Gidaro



Former Postdocs

Markus Von Schaewen, M.D. 2013-2015 (Now: Charite Hospital, Berlin, Germany)
Julie Sellau, Ph.D. 2016 (Now: Bernhard-Nocht Institute for Tropical Diseases, Hamburg, Germany)
Yael Sharon, M.D. 2016-2017 (Now: Rabin Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel)
Qiang Ding, Ph.D. 2014-2018 (Now: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)
Florian Douam, Ph.D. 2014-2019 (Now: Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at Boston University, MA)
Elham Shirvani Dastgerdi, Ph.D. 2016-2019 (Now: Scientist at Johnson & Johnson, PA)

Former Graduate Students

Benjamin Winer, Ph.D. 2013-2019 (Now: Postdoc at University of California, San Francisco)
Jenna Gaska, Ph.D. 2013-2019 (Now: Medical Writer at Nucleus Global, NJ)

Former Technicians

Sherif Gerges, 2013-2014 (Now: Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard University)
Gabriela Hrebikova, 2013-2018 (Now: Nova Rock Biotherapeutics)

Former Visiting Students 
Mihai-Alexandru Pais, 2014-2015 (From: University of Freiburg, Germany)
Ann Cirincione, Summer 2015 (From: University of Maryland)
Cristiana Banila, Fall/Winter 2016-2017 (From: University of Oxford, UK)
Sam Hibbs, Fall/Winter 2017-2018 (From: University of Oxford, UK)
Jiayu Zhang, Fall/Winter 2018-2019 (From: Zhejiang University, China)
Oluwapelumi Kolawole, Summer 2019 (SURP) (From: Howard University)
Javier Caballero-Gómez, DVM, Fall 2019 (From: University of Cordoba, Spain)


Former Undergraduate Students

Alex Smith '15 (Now: Tufts Medical School)
Evelyn Siu '15 (Now: Simon-Kutcher & Partners)
Yentli Soto-Albrecht '16 (Now: University of Pennsylvania Medical School)
Michael Chang '16 (Now: Harvard Medical School)
Alexander Jafari '16 (Now: Tulane Medical School)
Tiffany Huang '17 (Now: University of Pennsylvania Medical School)
Hulai Jalloh '17 (Now: Johns Hopkins University Medical School)
Metodi Balev '18 (Now: Mount Sinai Medical School)
David Kim '18 (Now: Working under Manna Christian Fellowship)
Evelyn Wu '19 (Now: Working at Reach Out and Read, New York City)
Gabriel Lipkowitz, '19 (Now: Imperial College, London on Fulbright Scholarship)
Nicholas Archer '19 (Now: Working at Rockefeller University)
Raymond Guo '19 (Now: Baylor College of Medicine)