Congratulations to Alex on his recent talks in Australia and South Korea!

October 18, 2019

Alex was jet-setting once again to share our newest work at conferences in Australia and South Korea! His first stop was Melbourne, where he presented talks at two associated conferences: a talk titled “The molecular biology of hepatitis B viruses” at the ICE-HBV In-Vivo Models Workshop on October 1st, and a talk titled “Mouse models based on stem cell-derived hepatocytes” at the 2019 International HBV Meeting (October 1st-5th).

Alex then delivered the Keynote Lecture, titled “Beyond Hepatitis C Virus: Novel Insights into Acute and Chronic Hepatitis Virus Infections,” at the 26th International Symposium on Hepatitis C virus and Related Viruses in Seoul, South Korea on October 7thSays Alex, "“It was a great pleasure and honor to present our labs’ work at this year’s HCV meeting. The meeting was superbly organized and it was fun to connect with old and new colleagues."

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